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Sydney, 24-27 June 2006

Saturday, 24 June 2006.

Early in the morning (about 5.30 am), Allan sent us to airport to fly to Sydney to visit my cousins, Cosy&Marlina. We booked Virgin Blue flight at 6.45 am. When I tried to do self-check-in, the machine told us that our flight were cancelled due to heavy fogging at Sydney's airport. We so dissapointed and just followed the queue to get the next available flight. Thank God, that when the people in front of us on queue only left about 4-5 pax, the Virbin Blue staff announced that the next available flight is at 07.15 ... hoorrayy.... we still get the space to go eventhough the departure was delayed up to 08.00.... I quickly informed Cosy that we would arrive in Sydney airport at about 09.00.... The flight were smooth and we arrived safely and on time.

From airport Cosy & Marlina brought us back to their apartment at Wiley Park, about half an hour drive. Just put our luggage, we went out for brunch.... breakfast and lunch. They brought us to Sydney Fish Market to have fresh seafoods there. The environment and weather were very nice. The food also nice. . .

We ordered seafood platter (for 4 persons) and lobster.... for A$92.00. Look at the portion served... eventhough we were hungry, in the end we still could not finish all... In Australia is very common that we bring back the left over foods... as the price is very expensive, so better don't waste the foods.

From Fish market, we went to the Rock, is the birht place of Sydney, and take a walk to Circular Bay, where we can enjoy and admire the famous landmarks of Sydney: Opera House and Sydney Bridge.

Many street performances along the Circular Bay to entertaint the visitors.

We took ferry to go to Manly Beach (Northern Beach of Sydney) for about 1/2 hour journey. The wind were very shy to disturb the good weather, so we can enjoy the trip. On Sunday, 24 June 2006, Nicole Kidman and Urban were married in one of the chapel at Manly Beach. Click here to read the story of The Wedding of Kidman-Urban .

We just took a scroll down to the beach. Many people were playing in the beach and surfed.

From Manly Beach, we went to LUNA PARK and enjoyed the evening sight of the Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge. Luna Park is an entertainment place with many rides and games inside. The entrance fee is free, but for the ride you have to pay.

We had Vietnamese food for dinner... Beef noodle and broken rice combination (what's a name).

Sunday, 25 June 2006

Morning we are going to the church meeting.

After finished lunch (together with the saints), we went to Fox Studio. There is a mini bazaar with many varieties of foods, crafts, handicraft lesson, performance, etc. I did joint their Candle Making classes (FOC -- free) and the result can be brought back.

Then we went to Bondi Beach... another famous beach in Sydney. Many people surfing and also a group of people played skate board in a big hole (??)

We tried Mars Bar Fried with batter... quite nice, especially when you eat it with coffee no sugar, because the Mars Bar itself already very sweet.

From Bondi, we went to Darling Harbour. Cosy had to work, so only 3 of us. From Darling Harbour, we walked to Chinatown to have our dinner there... This time Marlina and I ate Korean Food and Bagio tried the Indonesian Food...

Actually from here we could straight gone home by train (because Cosy drove the car to work), after we bought the tickets and while were waiting for the train to arrive, Marlina just remembered that the house key was inside the car... so we changed the direction, we went to Cosy's office and waiting for him to finish his work then went back together...

Monday, 26 June 2006

I booked the hald-day tour to watch the Whale..... the biggest creation in the sea....We booked aftertoon tour, started at 13.15 (1.15 pm), so we left the house a bit later. While waiting for my camera'a battery to be charged, we watched Jewel of the Palace, as when I left Singapore, the series were going to finish and I missed the last 4 episodes.

The cost of 4 hours tour is AUD85.00 per person. Departure from Darling Harbour Wharf 8. The more information can be obtained from http://www.atstravel.com.au. If you not insisted to go on this tour on that day, during weekdays, you can take a walk along the Darling Harbour, near Sydney Aquarium, and ask the available tour and the price can be cheaper (I saw one tour agent only offer A$60.00 -- but I could not cancelled our booking already).

The journey started very nice and we were sitting at the upper deck. The weather was nice and clear. Again, we passed by the Sydney Harbour and Opera House. We also passed by the Bondi beach and saw the rainbow in a far..

After passed Bondi Beach area, the wind started to blow quite strong and the wave was getting bigger..... Oooppssss.... my stomach could not take it and after that could not enjoy the whole journey already. Only when the other passengers or the tour operator told us where the Whale is appear, then I quickly stood up and take a peep of the whale. I could not see it clearly [*shhhs... what a waste*]. Also no photo taken to show it to you.... the whale photos here were taken from their website .. sorry ..

So... my advise, if you would like to take this tour, will be better if you take the motion sickness pill in advance to avoid the uncomfortable feeling throughout the journey. Don't go with full stomach and bring enough warm clothing (water proof is better). Also bring your 'waterproof' camera just in case the sea water splashed ....

On the way back to Wiley Park, we had our gelatissimo ice cream and dinner at the same Vietnamese Restaurant with the same food to order.... [*I really enjoyed the Vietnamese Food in Australia... very nice leh!*].

After shower, we joint the young people gathering at Cosy/Marlina's house.

Such a long day.... take a rest earlier for the morning flight to Gold Coast next day.

More photos??? Click here: Sydney Photos

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