Monday, February 26, 2007

HOTA - Human Organ Transplant Act

Received the photo from May Leong:

Updated: On Tuesday, 27 Feb afternoon, received news from May that the brain test was failed.... meaning that the doctor confirmed if Vanessa's brain already dead... The second test by MOH and independent doctor was done on 27 evening to confirm everything.
After much prayers and petition before God, we all, the friends and relatives, aware that God loves Vanessa more than all of us here...
May and family, Wee Thiang, Zion and Zoe, do be strong and take care yourselves. Hope your mother will be recovered soon and can accept this matter.
On Wednesday, 28 Feb, the body transplant already been done, also the post mortem by police as until now the doctor can not indentify what was the caused of the colapse...
Thursday-Saturday is the wake and the funeral will be conducted on Sunday, 4 March 2007.

Last Thursday, 23 Feb, received a bad news from my good friend, May Leong... that her twin sister was collapse the night before after a very bad headache. The brain was lack of O2 for more than 10 minutes because the ambulance arrived a bit late....After several checked-up done by the doctor, confirmed that her brain dead due to lack of O2....

The doctor quite kind enough to give the family extra another day before done the second checkep up to re-confirm that the brain is really dead. Because now in Singapore there is a new regulation about HOTA (Human Organ Transplant Act), as soon as the doctor confirm that the patient were 'dead' have to inform Ministry of Health, Singapore and MOH will do the second check and if confirm, certain organ have to be removed and donate it to the needy one.

This afternoon, I received a bad news that the test for her was failed, means that the doctor confirmed that Vanessa were brain dead and have to follow the regulations...... have to inform MOH...
Until now, 27 Feb 2007, the results still not CONFIRMED yet... meaning that we still have time and hope that the miracle will happened to Vanessa...
Vanessa..... all of us put our hearts and prayers to God the Almighty One that you will have the power and strong will to live on...... Wee Thiang, Zion and Zoe are waiting for you to go home together......
For May, just take care yourself and hope your mother will recover soon..

Lord, please arrange the best for Vanessa and the family.... The family still need her, but we believe that Your arrangement and plan is always the best.....

Below is the email that I received recently from one milis related to HOTA. For non-muslim Singapore PR and Resident, please take note and think carefully in order to avoid unnecessary heart broken from the family in the future we leave this world..

Teman-teman,(khususnya pemegang PR dan pasangan/ibu dari singaporeans)ada baiknya kita paham bahwa ada HOTA (dan revised HOTA), dimana pemindahan ginjal, liver, jantung dan kornea boleh dilakukan (otomatis, tanpa pertimbangan next of kin) terhadap tubuh yang sudah meninggal dari seorang PR dan singaporeans non muslims berusia 21-60 tahun KECUALI semasa hidup nya yg bersangkutan mengajukan untuk tidak bersedia (opt out melalui pengisian form). Maaf kalau (minimnya kemampuan berbahasa menyebabkan) penyampaian nya membingungkan dan menimbulkan makna lain. memuat lebih jelas semua informasi ttg:
- apa HOTA?
- siapa aja yang termasuk under HOTA? (non muslim usia 21-60 thn)
- bagaimana cara nya jika kita ingin opting out? (isi form)
- apa implikasinya jika kita included / opt out? (lower priority)
- kenapa muslim not included? (fatwa MUIS)- dll

Salam, Evi Oesman

Sedikit informasi ttg HOTA di ambil dari website nya MOH ada di bawah ini:

Human Organ Transplant Act (HOTA) The Human Organ Transplant Act 1987 allows for the kidneys to be removed in the event of death due to accidents for the purpose of transplantation.

All non-Muslim Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents between the ages of 21 and 60 years are included under HOTA. They will have priority in receiving a cadaveric organ if they need one. However, they can also opt out of HOTA if they do not wish to donate their organs when they die.
On 6 January 2004, the Human Organ Transplant (Amendment) Bill was passed by Parliament to allow more Singaporeans to benefit from cadaveric organs. The amendments to HOTA were: To extend HOTA beyond kidney to also include liver, heart and cornea To extend HOTA beyond deaths due to accidents to all causes of death; and To extend HOTA beyond cadaveric donation to also regulate living donor organ transplantation. The revised HOTA takes effect on 1 July 2004. It is estimated that about 60-80 patients with organ failure will benefit from the additional organs each year.

So........ the option is yours........ think carefully before too late....
God bless!

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Batam Trip, 18-20 Feb 2007

18-20 February 2007, Chinese New Year holiday....... with Duncan&Faith family we went to Batam, Indonesia just for short break...
We went after church, but....... due to first day of Chinese new year, we could not get any taxi or bus... so ended up, we called our 2 friends to bring us to Harbour Front... (thks to br. Ding and br. Robert).............

The ferry was sailing for about 40 minutes from Harbour Front to Harbour Bay ("Batu Ampar). The van from Novotel Hotel already there waiting for us.....

We spent a lot on eating and shopping.....

Some dishes for our dinner at Mega Mall, Batam... Karedok, gado-gado, snail (siput), chap cai, soup, avocado juice, soursop juice, etc......

We stayed at Novotel Hotel, Jodoh area.... The hotel was not that wonderful. We pay Rp. 450,000 (about S$78.00) per night including of American Breakfast. If you go Batam for shopping, don't stay in this hotel, unless you take the shuttle bus to Mega Mall (Free, and every 30 minutes) or taxi, you can not go on walk. Jodoh area is famous for its UNSAFE places.. a lot of robbery and pick-pocket in that area..... This hotel is located about 2 minutes drive from Harbour Bay Ferry terminal...

Monday, 19 February 2007
After breakfast, we departed to Barelang bridge and further area......

Once you stopped, within minutes, some motorcycles will appear and bring something for you to buy......... fried crab, prawn and Rempeyek (Indonesian's crackers with peanuts on top of it).
The price is quite cheap for foreigner... one crab about Rp. 15,000 - 20,000 (S$3-4), the rempeyek sell 4 for Rp.10,000 (S$2.00). We bought 4 crabs and 4 rempeyek.... the crab was not fresh...
At pulau Rempang, photo taken from one of the kelong.....

Lunch Time...... main menu here is Congee (Porridge) and Dim Sum...
The porridge very nice and many varieties.... we spent about Rp. 950,000 for 14 adults and 3 children. The location near Top 100 Nagoya area.

Our dinner time....... at OKI.. Sate ayam, snail, gong-gong, lobster, vegetables, fried rice, beehoon goreng, oyster, sotong, chicken, etc... etc... for 13 adults, 3 children, we paid only slightly over Rp. 1,000,000 (equal to S$170.00) including beer and softdrinks.. We ate until really full.....

(see the advertisement on the wall, next to the eating place....)

The ticket from Harbour Front (Singapore) to Harbour Bay (Batam, Indonesia) is: S$27.00 for Indonesian's passport and S$34.00 for others (inclusive of all taxes).
Promotion available for certain departure time, pls. check with the counter.
"WAVEMASTER 8" the ferry that brought us there and back here..

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Jakarta oh... Jakarta.... (past flood's photo)

Just received some documentations photo of the flood that happened early February 2007 in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Hope Indonesian's Gov will do something to prevent the same things happened again in the future.......

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Happy Valentine Day...

Happy V-Day to All ....

Friends are like balloons; once you let them go, you can't get them back. So I'm gonna tie you to my heart so I never lose you.

Sekedar guyonan tentang Valentine day....:


Valentain dirayakan setiap 14 februari sesuai dengan arti kata Valentain
Va berasal dari Fa yang merupakan urutan nada ke-4 dari solmisasi

Do re mi fa ... Jadi Fa disini menunjukkan 'empat'

Lent adalah bentuk ke tiga dari kata "Lend" yang dalam basa english berarti meminjamkan atau dipinjam.

Nahh...dalam pinjam meminjam harus ada unsur 'belas kasihan'

Maka Lent bisa diartikan sebagai 'belas'

Tine berasal dari kata asli twin yang artinya kembar

Kata kembar adalah identik dengan angka 2

Maka kata valentine yang asli katanya berasal dari "Falenttwin" mempunyai arti:

Fa = empat

Lent = belas

twin = dua

Jadi Empat belas bulan kedua Alias 14 Februari

Itulah kenapa valentine diperingati setiap tanggal 14 februari

(Hanya orang2 dengan gangguan mental dan orang2 yang mau bunuh diri, yang percaya bahwa tulisan ini benar)


Berdasarkan buku2 tentang sejarah valentine yang saya baca -Baik buku berjudul "valentine di jaman majapahit', "Primbon Valentine" sampai buku "Da Valentine Code"- Serta searching internet di wikipedia dan google, Maka didapatkan kesimpulan tentang sejarah awal mula valentine secara detil dan sangat rinci yaitu bahwasanya valentine mulai dirayakan SEJAK DULU (hehehehe)

haalaaah... ini jawabanya gampang aja.

Karena coklat itu romantis..kan asik kalo pas candle light dinner trus ngasihnya coklat.

Coba bayangin kalo ngasihnya nasi tumpeng, kan susah!

Jadinya ga romantis tapi tragis


Sebenarnya bisa aja dijawab:

Kalo pake item2, ntar disangkain dukun

Kalo pake biru2, disangkain satpam
Kalo pake putih2, disangkain pocong

Kalo pake ijo2, disangkain kolor ijo

Kalo pake abu abu, disangkain babu

.......... ya kan?

jadi emang cucoknya warna pink!


satu: Jika ada pasangan alias pacar! Karena aneh aja kalo makan candle light sendirian, nulis kartu valentine buat diri sendiri, termasuk ngasih coklat buat diri sendiri sambil menciumi diri sendiri di depan kaca...(narsis akut)

Dua: jika punya modal! Karena apa? Coklat itu mahal, coklat gambar ayam jago aja paling gak uda seribu rupiah, Belum lagi beli kartu ucapannya, makan malemnya, bunga mawarnya...byuh byuh byuh...

Ingat.. "cinta itu buta....tapi matre"


Ada beberapa tema valentain taun ini, yaitu: valentain dengan bawain coklat 5 kilo digotong sendirian dari jakarta ke bogor (CAPPEEEE DEEHHH....)

Valentine sambil menikmati singkong yang dikasih ragi (TAPEEEE DEEHHH....)

Valentine sambil makan sambal merah pedas di mangkuk berbentuk hati (CABEEEEE DEEEHH....)

Valentine dengan memakai pakaian serba pink. Baju pink, celana pink,> sepatu pink, tutup muka pink, telinga pink dan hidung pink (BABIIIIII DEEEHHH....)

Ah...sudahlah.... Tambah ga penting aja tulisan ini.


Bagi yang merayakan selamat aja, bagi yang memang ga pengen merayakan ya...santai aja

Tapi buat yang pengen merayakan tapi keadaan belum mengijinkan (baca :> jomblo red.)....semoga cepat mendapatkan pasangan

Ingat prinsip pertama harus jual mahal, sambil berkata "SIAPA GW?" Kalo belum dapet juga diturunkan menjadi "SIAPA DIA?"

Tapi kalo memang belum dapet2 juga turunkan lagi menjadi "SIAPA AJA" ok!

Buat semuanya :


Saturday, February 10, 2007

Chinese New Year

Since Chinese New Year is coming soon... falls on 18 February 2007, so I just write about: 8 CELEBRATED FACTS ON CHINESE NEW YEAR

Legend has it that in ancient China, “NIAN” (=”YEAR”), a man-eating beast could infiltrate homes silently. The Chinese feared this monster. Later, they devised a plan and scared Nian away with explosions, fireworks and the colour red. Hence “guo nian” means “pass over the year”. These customs led to the first New Year celebrations.
I thought "GUO NIAN" means the CHINESE CELEBRATION.... as CHINA is known as ZHONG GUO in Mandarin....

A monster called “SUI” would come on Chinese New Year’s eve to touch the foreheads of sleeping children, turning normal children insane and smart children mentally retarded. To prevent this, parents stayed up the entire night to watch out for Sui . Modern day tradition, however, has it that children now stay awake on Chinese New Year’s eve to wish their parents longevity.

The first day (“CHU YI”) of Chinese New Year is for the welcoming of the gods. It is also a time when families visit the most senior members of their family, usually their parents, grandparents, or even great grandparents.

Visiting elderly means we will receive "ANG PAO" or red-packets...

The seventh day is known as the common man’s birthday (“REN RI”), the day everyone grows one year older. It is also the day when tossed fish salad, yusheng, is eaten. People get together to toss yusheng and wish for wealth and prosperity. This tradition is commonly celebrated by the Chinese in Southeast Asia.
YU SHENG is a salad that made of certain ingredients with each 'luck' meaning.

The fifteenth day and last day of the new year is celebrated as “YUAN XIAO JIE”, otherwise known as “CHAP GOH MEI” in the Hokkien dialect. It is marked by the eating of “TANG YUAN”, a sweet rice dumpling soup. The same day is also celebrated as the Chinese Valentine’s Day.

Sweet rice dumpling soup is made from glutinuous rice with peanuts or sesame as its filling.. in Indonesia is also known as RONDE.... oh..............

Red banners with the word “FU”, or Happiness, written on them are hung aroung the house and on the doors. This sign is usually seen hung upside down, since the Chinese word “DAO” or “UPSIDE DOWN”, sounds similar as “DAO” or “ARRIVE”. This symbolizes the arrival of luck or happiness.

(picture taken from internet)

It is believed that thorough cleaning before Chinese New Year sweeps away bad luck and makes homes ready for the arrival of good luck. Brooms and dust pans are put away on New Year’s eve so that good luck can not be swept away.

Rewrite from McDonald (Singapore) tray's paper

Gung Hay Fat Choy! (may prosperity be with you)

Xin Nian Kuai Le! (Happy New Year)

The Chinese New Year is celebrated as the symbol of spring's celebration. In fact in China the Chinese New Year is still called the Spring festival. It is celebrated after the fall harvest and before the spring planting season. The date of the Chinese New Year is always changing and is dependant on the Chinese calendar. Emperor Huangdi in the year 2637 B.C.E invented the Chinese calendar.
(taken from here)

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Jakarta Banjir

Kemarin siang dapat sms dari Agnes, ponakan yang tinggal di Bekasi, katanya rumahnya terendam banjir setinggi kepala (sekitar 150 cm).
Semua barang rusak, kecuali surat2 penting dan buku sekolah yang bisa diselamatkan.
Sementara mereka menyelamatkan diri tinggal di rumah tetangga yang ada lotengnya.

Gak bisa membayangkan, gimana situasi mereka saat ini......
Gimana mereka akan tidur.........????

Tuhan, kalau Engkau mengijinkan hal ini terjadi, pasti ada rencanaMu yang lebih indah.
Mohon jauhkan saudara dan teman kami dari segala bencana yang lebih lanjut.
Surutkan air segera seperti Engkau menyurutkan air bah waktu di jaman nabi Nuh....
Tuhan, ampuni kami kalau sering membuat hatiMu luka dan sedih..
Kiranya peristiwa ini membuat kami lebih bersandar dan percaya kepadaMu.

Ini ada sedikit cuplikan situasi banjir di Jakarta: