Friday, December 07, 2007

Robert & Katherine

Last week (27 Nov - 5 Dec) we got visitors from Surabaya, Robert & Katherine (Hernanto's sister) accompanied by Melani. They came to Singapore to seek a second opinion from the doctors here as Robert was diagnose with nasopharynx cancer (aka Nose cancer) stadium 4.
We all very shocked when we heard about this news as last October they just came to Singapore for some short holiday and everything was alright. The symptoms were only appear on 2 November and in the beginning the doctor was suspect it just a sinus problem.
After 2 weeks, suddenly his right eye's motoric was effected and can not move accordingly (deviation of the eyes) and his hearing also got problem. He went for MRI and the doctor vonnis him with Stadium 4 of Nasopharynx cancer. Further information about the cancer symptoms can be found here
The results from the doctor in Singapore also confirmed the results from Surabaya's doctor.

This case made me realize how life is really unpredictable. The life style also can cause a lot of problems if we are not careful.

I just wish the best for Robert and Katherine. May God blessing and guiding you to choose the best treatment to be healed.