Thursday, September 04, 2008

Made Moon Cake

Sunday, 31 August 2008

Went to May Leong's house to make mooncake.... here is the results:

Snow Skin Moon Cake, no need to bake.

Moon cake not yet been baked.

Empty mooncake, the pig, bear, cat and flowers were made by me without mold...

Mooncake after been baked.. need to keep another 3 days before can be eaten.

Mooncake's group: Behind: Me - May Leong
Sitting: Rachel - ZION - Joelle - Angie
Want to order, anyone...?
Thanks to May to teach us how to mold mooncake...
This year, Mooncake festival is fall on 14 September 2008.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Macau-Zhu Hai-Shen Zhen, 12-16 Aug 2008 (IV)

15 August 2008 afternoon by taking metro (Subway) we went to Window of the World, the miniature of the world, located at station Shi Jie Zhi Zhuang [世界之窗]. The fare from Station Lao Jie (another name of DongMen area) is RMB 5.00 per trip. The journey about 30 minutes.

The entrance fee is RMB120.00 for adults. If you enter after 7.40pm, only need to pay RMB50.00.
Their motto is "SEE THE WORLD LANDMARKS IN ONE DAY!", in Chinese is “您 给 我 一天,我 给 您 一 个 世 界!"IF YOU GIVE ME ONE DAY, I WILL GIVE YOU ONE WORLD".

I did enjoy my visit here.. unfortunately since we came late, after dark the pictures that I took not so nice, because I did not bring my tripod... Also, not enough time to enjoy all the landmarks.. Next time if have another opportunity, I will come earlier and slowly enjoy every buildings and performance..
It is a huge park of showcasing some of the best architectural treasures of the world. It is divided into eight areas covering Asia, Africa, Americas, Europe, Oceania, World square, Sculpture Park and International Street. Many wonders of the world can be found, such as: Eiffel Tower of France, Niagara Falls of USA/Canada, Taj Mahal of India, Pyramids of Egypt, Angkor Wat of Cambodia, Borobudur of Indonesia and so on have been built on a miniature but a realistic scale. Some building are not too small either; you can actually climb the Eiffel Tower in a lift or go into the Pyramid of Egypt. We did went up the Eiffel Tower by lift.. the cost is RMB20.00 (forgotton!) per person. The lift will bring us to 3rd floor first, then changed to another lift to the peak (108 m). You can stay as long as you like at any stop before go down.

If you need more information about Window of the World, you can click Wikipedia-Window_of_the_World or Official website-in Chinese.

Thank God for this wonderful trips..... and thank to Amy and May for this opportunity. God bless! Looking forward to another holiday..............!