Friday, July 07, 2006

GoldCoast & Brisbane, 27-29 June 2006

Tuesday, 27 June 2006

We flew from Sydney to GoldCoast by Virgin Blue. The journey is about 1h 20 min. Actually our next destination is Brisbane, but when we checked the air ticket, the price to GoldCoast (GC) is cheaper than Brisbane (one trip can difference about A$70-80, depend on the date and time). We checked with Timothy, our friend who is staying in Brisbane now, he said that the distance from his house to GoldCoast airport and Brisbane airport is almost the same, different about 15 minutes drive. So.... we decided to fly to GC instead of Brisbane for the sake of saving money.... and also take a glance of what is GC looks like.

Timothy picked us up from the airport and he brought us to the beach and the famous place called "Surfer Paradise". The weather in GC were very nice, much-much warmer than Melbourne and Sydney... Timothy only wore short sleeves T-Shirt with short pants.... so contrast compare with our atributtes.....

We took breakfast "Hungry Jack" (the logo and menu is exactly same as Burger King) at Surfer Paradise then continue the journey to Brisbane.

We met Vasilia, Gabriel (Timothy's wife and son) and also Sis. Yeh for lunch at Calam Rd., Chinese food. After that we went direct to Tim's new house. They just moved to this house today... so when we arrived at the house, nothing inside... and we just helped them to move house.

Evening, after dinner we went to the church prayer meeting. And after that, with Bro/Sis Wan as the guide, they brought us to Mt. Cook Tha.. a high place to enjoy the night scenery of Brisbane. Unfortunately, we did not bring our tripod, so the photo result not so good.

Wednesday, 28 June 2006
We left the house at about 09.00 direct went to South Bank Park. South Bank (SB) is located next to Brisbane River. A good place for family outing and picnic, day or night with some restaurants and entertainments. Interested with South Bank? Visit their website at

Then we went to Chinatown for lunch [at that time, Chinatown is very quite and nothing much to see except for groceries shopping, but quite a good choices for food lovers] and from there we went to another side of Brisbane River to enjoy the Floating Walk [*the bridge will move when there is a ferry/boat pass by*].

In Brisbane, we can enjoy the nice scenery of Brisbane River from different sides and for different activities. When we were there, some people prepared to have a rock climbing, picnic, barbeque, cycling or just a walk..... The weather in Brisbane in the noon time is about 16-20C with full sun.

We went to Bro/Sis Wan for tea blending. Evening they brought us for another Chinese Food Restaurant, operates by Singaporean.
Thank you for your kind hospitality, Timothy & fam, Bro/Sis Wan and Sis. Yeh.

Hope to see you again......

Looking for more photos....? Click here Brisbane Photos


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