Sunday, December 31, 2006

Trip To Bangkok (22- 26 December 2006)

Our Bangkok trips.......... with Hernanto and Stella (Father & Daughter).

Friday, 22 December 2006
Fly to BKK with Tiger Airways from Budget Terminal Singapore.

First 2 nites we stayed at PRATUNAM CITY INN.

The next 2 nites stayed at BANGKOK CITY SUITE HOTEL

After checked in, we took a walk and had dinner at the road side. Then continue with a visit to night bazaar near hotel.

Saturday, 23 December 2006
After breakfast, we walked to Pratunam Centre... shopped for clothing and accessor
Chatuchak Week End Market

Evening we went Mao Boon Krong (MBK) for dinner........ then we had Thai Massage at Pratunam before headed to hotel...

Sunday, 24 December 2006
Morning we went to DREAMWORLD

The tickets Bath 450 per person inclusive of lunch buffet, almost all ride except Snow Town and Go Cart. Quite a nice place for children and teenagers... I also accompanied Stella to try the SUPER SPLASH *blush* ... I enjoyed it...

Evening, we had seafood for dinner with the recommendation of TONY, the hotel taxi driver. The food very good and fresh, and the price is reasonable.. four of us, we paid Bath 1,200. We ordered: Spicy Crab (very nice!!!! served as cold dish), tom yam goong, spring roll (2 types), and vegetable.

From there then we went to Suan Lum Night Bazaar...
There is a big ferris wheel "La Roue De Paris", will takes up 25x20.5 m on the ground with its height is 60 meter. Each cabin can accomodate 6 person.
With Bath 100 per person, we can enjoy the ride for about 10 min, enjoy nice scenery of Bangkok city from the height.

Monday, 25 December 2006
We hired a taxi to visit one Aglonema nursery about half an hour drive from Bangkok city (the driver again, the same driver when we went to Dreamworld, average speed was 140 km.)
Since already half way to the floating market at Do.... we hired the taxi for (Bath 1,700) to bring us there........

For the boat itself, the charges is Bath600 per person, regardless how many person in a boat, for about 1 hour 20 minute. Actually the best time to see their floating activity is from 06.00-10.00, because after that will not be so busy already.... only tourists and vendors...

Along the journey, you will the native do their daily activities. We met some of them who bathed, washed their utensils after meal using the river water. Woah.......

Tuesday, 26 December 2006
New Bangkok International Suvarnabhumi Airport, before we go separate ways *).... flew back to Singapore.

*) Go separate ways

The story started when I booked the tickets. We decided to take the budget airline. For return tickets, Tiger Airways is the cheapest... When I tried to book for 4 person, the price seems like more expensive compare with if I book for 1 person. So... I booked for 1 person and put it under my name .... success............

Then I tried to book again for the next person.............. o oh...... the price for 1 person already gone up, same with the price for 4 person........... what happened? Tried few times, yet still the same price........... okay........ then I tried another airlines... and Value Air offer cheaper price for Bangkok-Singapore........ So, I booked 3 person for Bangkok-Singapore.... and that is means that we flew together to Bangkok by Tiger Airways, but the trip back to Singapore, I flew with Tiger and the rest of them flew with Value Air..........

Anybody know why like that???????? Why I can book 1 ticket cheaper and then no more for the rest of us??????? Is that means that the ticket with cheaper fare already no more and the rest have to pay higher fare????

Happy New Year 2007

Bagio & Susana wish you all:

May the coming new year will be full of blessing...

Some quotes from the wishers:

Dear Friends,
New Year,
New Spirit,
New Optimism,
New Energy,
New Good Habit,
New Confidence
(San Di Cherish)

Happy New Year and
Many Happy Returns….
(Ben Ong)

( ‘ ‘)
(,) (“)(“)
Can I stay here in ur inbox?
I’ll sit only,
Promise I’ll behave.. til 1st Jan only
So I be the first 2 wish u
HAPPY 2007
(Umi C)

Peace in ur HEART!
Health in ur BODY!
Wealth in ur LIFE!
Joy in ur HOME!
May U alwiz b blessed wit
These priceless treasures.
Happy 2007 to U & ur family.
God Bless!

May health, happiness, and good times,
Greet you each day of the new year.
(V. Mak)

. 12 .
‘ ‘
9 ! 3
, ,
. 6 .
Time and Years will always fly
But God’s love & our friendship
Will never end.

Happy New Year!
It’s a bit early I know,
But I need 2 sms to
Thousands of ugly friends,
So I thought I’d better start
With the gorgeus and smart ones first.
(Sam Neo)

Health makes all things possible,
Wealth makes all things work.
Love makes all things beautiful.
May u have all 3 in ur life.

Happy New Year 2007!
I wish we have a better chance,
A better life next year…
^_^ see u next year..
(We Win)

Mari Kiss Mas! And
Happy No Wear and
Wish you with all the breasts … wuakakak…

Also thanks to all who already send the wishes via sms/emails to us (for Xmas & New Year): Hermawan fam, Yuli & Voldi, Amy, Devi, MariaMade, Phyllis, MayLim, W. Chan, Karen, JJ, Citra, Ayu, Lila, Sen/Ling, Tetit, Dewi, Risna, Bee Wah, Supendy, Gondo, Ninik Y,Vinca, Pat Lim, Richard, Kat Neo, Andreani, n.. some others that we can not remember at the moment…….
God bless us all………

Monday, December 25, 2006

Salam dari Bangkok!!!!!

Hi all........

Salam kami dari Bangkok...
Cerita tentang Bangkok menyusul segera .....

Yang pasti, udara beberapa hari ini sangat menyenangkan, gak panas gak ujan...

Suasana & pohon Natal di sini lumayan bagus juga.. ntar kalo udah sempat, aku apdet foto2nya.

Untuk yang merayakan Natal, met Natal deh....... semoga bisa menjadi berkat buat orang lain...

bagio susan

Friday, December 22, 2006

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Soft Launching SOPHIE So Chic & Dinner di Tampines

Saturday, 9 December 2006

As mentioned in my previous posting, today Sophie Martin Paris launching their products in Singapore. For Singapore market, they use the name of SOPHIE So Chic.
The event were quite successful with many people turned up and joint as a member.

Some of Sophie Martin products... France design with good quality and affordable price.

Bu Citra (the best business centre in Indonesia), Mbak Diah & mbak Desy.

Photo together with new members and Sophie so chic, Mathiu.

After introductory words from the Director about the history of Sophie Martin in Indonesia, the had a fashion show to introduce and let all the audience to know and see their products, from bags, garments, shoes, accessories, cosmetics.. not only for women, but also for men, and teenager..


If you interested to know more about this product, please contact me for further details. As part of their promotion, if you joint a member now for SGD20.00 other than the starter kits, you will receive additional gift worth more than 20.00 (whilst stock last). By become a member, you are entitle to enjoy minimal 20% discount for all products. You can buy for yourself, as a gift or to earn money by selling it at Catalogue's price to your contact.
A good chance, don't miss it. Contact me now.

To view some of SOPHIE So Chic products, you can click here


Evening, we went to Tampines St. 11.....
Another event was waiting for us. We were late, yet not the latest....

A few family were gathered here for dinner and to celebrate Devi's birthday...

Happy Birthday to you.........
Happy Birthday to Devi.......
Happy Birthday to you.......!

Erika (+ 2 girls), Anna & Hubby (+2 girls), Santy & Suandy (+1 girl), Erlin (+1 girl), Trisna & Hubby, MeiFang & Hubby (+ 1 girl), Susana & Bagio and of course Devi with Ramu.

Oooops............ lupa mhoto makanan yang disediakan berkat kerja keras para ibu2...maklum deh, waktu nyampe udah lapar berat.. Yang jelas, makanan yang terhidang: Kari ayam (pasti dong ya Dev....), Ayam bumbu rujak, Mpek2, Bihun goreng, nasi putih, cap jay, rujak buah dan tak lupa kue tart. Semuanya enak pokoknya!

Happy Birthday, Devi!

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Sibuk...... Busy......... Hen Mang.... Mbo Eng....

Akhir-akhir ini aku jarang apdet blog, juga agak jarang blogwalking (sorry ya temen2 kalo aku belon sempat mampir) karena lagi kena timpuk ama kerjaan yang berjibun ditambah dengan kesibukan untuk mencoba berbisnis kecil2an.
Sabtu dan minggu kemarin, sempat ikut temen jualan di Xmas bazaarnya Safra Mt. Faber. Aku sih cuman ikutan nawarin rangkaian bunga yang ternyata kurang laku. Sedangkan temen menjual coklat dalam bentuk rocher atau log cake dan lumayan laku.
Sekedar pengalaman ngerasain gimana kalo ikut bazaar sambil menikmati hiburan yang ada (yang mestinya untuk anak2, hehehe).
Bahkan aku juga ikutan antri dan ambil Candy Floss (kalau di kampong dulu namanya arummanis, itu lho.. gula yang dipanaskan dan jadi kayak kapas…? Kalo masih gak tahu juga, coba liat di foto di atas aja deh atau ke pasar malam, biasanya ada yang jual)
Udah lama pingin makan arummanis ini, tapi tiap kali ngeliat harganya S$2.00 untuk satu wadah, rasanya koq gak tega ya……. (*dasar pelit*).
Waktu di Safra ngeliat ada yang gratisan… gak sungkan-sungkan lagi ikutan antri dan ambil satu tusuk…… bahkan dalam dua hari itu aku ambil 4 tusuk lho… tapi ya gak aku abisin sendiri sih…….. aku bagi2 ama temen2 yang lain…. (halahhhhhhhhh, itu sih cuman taktik ku aja biar gak terlalu malu ama temen2, hehehe).

Selain itu, aku juga lagi sibuk nyari siapa aja yang mau ikutan ngeliat soft launchingnya Sophie Martin Paris di Grand Hyatt Hotel hari sabtu besok… Aku sendiri kenal ama yang namanya Sophie Martin ini sekitar 3 taon yang lalu. Aku suka produknya, makanya aku berminat untuk jadi membernya biar bisa dapat discount kalau beli barangnya (soalnya aku hobby banget beli tas, sampai2 Bagio selalu ngomel kalau ngeliat koleksi tasku di lemari, hehehe).

Aku juga lagi sibuk mencari air ticket dan hotel yg murmer untuk acara shopping yang akan datang dengan Bagio dan temen..... Dan nyusun acara supaya bisa efisiensi waktu dan transport selama acara shopping itu.

Dan mulai tgl 17 December, temen2 dari Indo banyak yang mau dolan ke Singapore, ada yang nginep di rumah ada yang tidak. Rumah kami bakal penuh dengan tamu yang silih berganti, mulai dari tanggal 18 December sampai dengan tgl 1 January… Assyik, tingkat penghunian rumah kami cukup tinggi untuk bulan Desember… Harus nyariin tiket KL-Sin-KL, bayar deposit kamar, temu janji dengan dokter, buat daftar barang yang mau dititipkan mereka untuk dibawa ke sini, dll….. kayaknya abis ini bisnisku bertambah lagi deh, buka biro jasa untuk ngurusi segala urusan tetek bengek kalau ada yang mau berkunjung ke Singapore (ada yang mau ngenalin customer ke aku gak, komisinya gedhe lho..... ????).

Sekedar berita numpang lewat:
Oh ya….. kalau ada yang pingin main salju2an, datang aja ke Tanglin Mall setiap sore menjelang malam (jadwal saljunya keluar aku gak tahu, tadi waktu lewat di sono sekitar jam 20.30 saljunya lagi turun tuh)… sayang tadi gak sempat ngambil foto… Untuk anak2, bawain aja baju ganti, soalnya kalo main salju tapi gak basah kan gak afdol dong..
Met main salju………..