Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Just for Fun... Be My Valentine....

Wanted to know our date on Valentine day??

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Just for fun... and make one for yourself.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Kenapa Facebook anda ke blokir??

Facebook anda keblokir? - Inilah penyebabnya !!

Memiliki banyak teman di Facebook tentunya sangat menyenangkan. Namun, ternyata jangan dulu Anda mengira dapat berbuat sesukanya. Ada aturan-aturan yang bisa membuat Anda harus kehilangan teman-teman di Facebook karena profil Anda diblokir atau disuspend.

Agar ini tidak terjadi, ada baiknya mengetahui faktor apa saja yang membuat profil Facebook Anda diblokir.

1. Nama Palsu.
Sebaiknya gunakan nama asli saja. Selain orang akan mudah menemukan Anda, juga tidak akan ada yang komplain ke Facebook bila mungkin saja nama palsu yang Anda gunakan ternyata melanggar hak cipta.

2. Jangan terlalu banyak posting di wall.
Memposting terlalu banyak kata-kata yang sama di wall, bisa itu di wall sendiri, orang lain atau wall grup, ternyata bisa membuat profil Anda diblokir.

3. Copy Paste.
Anda tentunya ingin serba cepat melakukan sesuatu. Namun di Facebook jangan terlalu sering melakukan copy-paste, misalnya untuk membalas pesan, menulis di wall dengan kata-kata yang sama persis. Nantinya Anda bisa dianggap melakukan spam. Inipun jelas akan membuat Facebook Anda diblokir.

4. Poke.
Terlalu banyak mencolek (Poke) teman di Facebook juga akan membuat Anda diblokir. Jadi biasa-biasa saja jangan terlalu memperlihatkan perhatian kita yang malah bisa membuat Anda harus kehilangan teman di Facebook.

5. Batasi Teman.
Anda tentu mengira di Facebook bisa memasukan teman sebanyak-banyaknya. Ini salah besar. Katanya, Facebook hanya membatasi sampai 5.000 orang saja. Bila lebih dari itu, maka bersiap-siaplah say goodby to Facebook.

6. Batasi bergabung dengan grup.
Sama seperti daftar teman, jumlah grup yang Anda masuki pun ada batasnya. Anda hanya diperbolehkan bergabung dengan sekitar 200 grup saja.

7. Terakhir yang paling fatal adalah menulis hal-hal yang berbau rasis, fitnah, penghinaan. Facebook akan mengetahui anggotanya yang mempergunakan Facebook untuk menyebarkan sikap permusuhan maupun prilaku negatif lainnya. Jadi, jangan sampai tadinya hanya bercanda, bisa berakibat fatal Facebook Anda diblokir dan mungkin bisa berurusan dengan pihak berwajib.

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Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Port Dickson, 23-25 May 2009

Saturday, 23 May 2009

From Malacca, we drove to Port Dickson by coastal road about 1 hour drive.

After checked in Palm Springs Resort and rest a while, we went to Port Dickson town for some shopping.

Along the way, we stopped by at Telok Kemang beach and pasar malam. After dinner just back to resort and relax. Nothing much to do.

Sunday, 24 May 2009

After breakfast along jalan Pantai for wonton noodle, we went to Seremban to joint the church meeting there. After that we went to shopping @ S2 mall and stopped by to buy the famouse Seremban Siew Pau...

Back to Port Dickson and went to Lighthouse [Rumah Api in Malay] @ Tanjung_Tuan aka Cape Rachardo. The road to lighthouse is closed at 7km. You can drive up or take a walk about 30 minutes up and up the hill. Then waiting for sunset @ Telok Kemang beach. Nice scenery......... to see how the sun back to the place where it come from. Dinner 'Ayam Panggang Cowboy'.. nice food. The service very fast and the taste is acceptable.

Monday, 25 May 2009

After breakfast of Roti Prata, we straight go to Malacca again...

Malacca - Port Dickson Trip, 23-25 May 2009 - Part I

Saturday, 23 May 2009
We left early in the morning, at 5.30AM by Woodland causeway to Malacca.
After stopped for light breakfast, we reached Malacca around 9AM. Met by Br. Harry Bateman, Sis. Daisy Liew and Sis. Chee, we went for Taiwanese Beef Noodle. Nice but a bit to salty for me.
Then, they brought us to Stadhuys area, where we can find many museums nearby and the famous Red Christ Church, built by Dutch on 17th Century, the Clock Tower and Fountain built by British on 19th Century.
After tried the nice ice chendol (@ RM1.70 per bowl), we continued to walk along the Jonker Street. This area is famouse for the peranakan/Baba-Nyonya things.
A lots of shops selling of antique, souveniers and peranakan goods, or you can just walk along the streets..

For lunch, we tried the original Hainanese Chicken Rice Ball. The rice is served in the form of ball, as big as ping-pong ball. For 7 of us, we spend about RM46.00.

Then we proceed direct to Port Dickson by coastal road............ and stayed for 2 nights. The story about Port Dickson is on the other posting.

Continued with Malacca.

Monday, 25 May 2009
About 8AM after breakfast @ Port Dickson, we drove back to Malacca and went straight at Br. Harry's house. Then we went to downtown of Malacca to try the fishball noodle.
After that we went to the Ship Museum about the ancient ship of Portugese,Flor De La Mar Ship Museum, the Navy of Malaysia and some history of Malacca.
Then we went to climb the hill to the St. Paul's ruin and went down to Fort Santiago/Porta De Santiago (A'Famosa). More pictures can be seen from here.
Then we went for lunch, this time we tried peranakan foods @ Little Makko. The price is reasonable and the foods are nice, except for the Asam Pedas fish...
After rest for 1 hour, at 4PM we drove back to Singapore. We reached Singapore about 7PM.

Nice trip and we are looking forward to go Malacca again........
Thanks to Br. Harry Bateman, Sis. Daisy Liew, and others saints from Malacca church..