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Last days in Melbourne, 29-30 June 2006

Thursday, 29 June 2006
With JetStar, we flew back to Melbourne from GoldCoast airport. The journey is about 2h15 min.

Uncle George came to visit us again, and we had lunch together at Allan/May's house.
After that, three of us went to Box Hill by train to buy persimon and nougat to bring back to Singapore. Actually BoxHill is quite a distance from Hoppers Crossing, but most of the price over there is quite cheap, as many Asean staying nearby.

After took a walk, we went straight to Williamstown beach. The beach here quite nice, but by the time we reached there, the sky was dark. In the day time Williamstown scenery is very nice and suitable for picnic or just a walk. The photo in the day time shown here were taken last year (2005) when I went there with May.

We went to FastaPasta for dinner with Allan and May. Fasta Pasta is one of my favourite eating place. They serve Entree and Main course for the same dish... Unless you have a big appetite and can eat more, my advise, order Entree is enough. Their portion of entree is as big as shown in the photo..

The price for each portion of entree is about A$8.00-12.00

Very nice, hmmmmm, I missed it already. Other than pasta, they also serve pizza.

Friday, 30 June 2006

Last day in Melbourne and Australia.............. Going back to Singapore this afternoon.

Since, we still have half day, Bagio and I went to the nearby nice places, at Weribee. We drove Allan's Land Cruiser (notice the plate number, in Australia you can choose your favourite words, as long as 6 digits (for Victoria state)). Since Allan and May is doing orchid, they chose this word, ORCHID as their plate number.

We went to Victoria State Rose Garden. During Spring and Summer, this place is full of Roses... when we went there, the flowers only left here and there. The entrance fee is free, but donation is welcome.

This Rose Garden received a 'Garden Of Excellence Award' from the World Federation of Rose Societies in 2003. The design of the garden is innovative and in its entirety contains many extravagant features including The Tudor Rose, The Heritage Rose Border, The Federation Leaf and the David Austin Bud.
The five petals of The Tudor Rose feature bush and standard Hybrid Teas and Floribundas. There are also Rambling and Climbing roses and weeping standards.
The Heritage Rose border is 400 metres long and contains old and species roses. The Federation Leaf showcases Australian-bred roses and The David Austin Bud is home to 50 fragrant cultivars.

Thinking to visit this place?? For information can be seen from

Then we went to Mansion Hotel, next to the Rose Garden. I went into the Mansion that opens for tourist. This mansion will show us The elaborate Italianate Mansion in a unique and amazing work of art. Crafted with detaisl, grace and wealth to the class of the English gentry, step into the character of Lord or Lady of the house as you venture through the beautifully restored rooms. Listen to the chatter of the Chirnside family with a fantastic audio tour.

The magfinicent mansion, built between 1874 and 1877, is testament to the status and success of the Chirnsides.
Today the mansion, including the main bedrooms, the billiard room and the reception rooms on the ground floor and part of the kitchen wing, is open to visitors. Replication of the decor has restored an air of opulence, with crystal chandeliers, giant gilt-framed mirrors and the patterend tiled floor of the entrance and staircase. Some fabrics, carpets and wallpapers were reproduced from surviving fragement or by using authentic nineteenth century materials.

The landscape behind the hotel is very nice., the formal garden. This time when we went there, they just started planting the flowers... otherwise during summer

you will be able to see more and nice flowers (compare the 2 photos, the first photo was taken in the early winter, the other photo was taken when the flowers are full bloom).

About 13.00 hr we went to airport and flew back to Singapore for 7 hours. We landed safely at Changi airport around 21.40. Thank to God that already brought us go and back safely.

More photo???? Please, click here: Melbourne, June 2006

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