Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Fort Canning and East Coast

Saturday, 8 July 2006
After one week full with guests, finally we had our own free time... and this time we went to Fort Canning Park, one of the historical heritage in Nature in Singapore.

The history of this place arose around 1300 AD (14th Century) and consider as the most historic part of Singapore.

The main entrances are from Hill Street, Canning Rise, Percival Road, River Valley Road, Canning Walk (behind Park Mall, Dobby Ghaut).

How to get here: Many buses:
SBS services no. 7, 14, 16, 32, 36, 54, 111, 124, 131, 145, 147, 162, 166, 174, 195
SMRT services no. 77, 106, 167, 171, 190, 700, 851, 857
MRT to Dhoby Ghaut, Clarke Quay and City Hall Stations follows with short walk.

In this place, you can take a leisurely stroll back in time and will find the 'Keramat' Iskandar Syah, a traditional burial ground of a revered leader. The Spice Garden is good place to learn and know how is the look of certain spice, Asean Sculpture Garden (but nothing muh there), the Fort Gate, Battle Box, etc... also you can find a few rare plants, like canon ball (see the picture here), Saga Seed, Coffee, Banyan Tree, etc.

During that evening, we met 3 wedding party, 1 Chinese couple and 2 Malay couples.
The had their party at Fort Canning Green, Fort Canning Centre and near the Battle Box's garden.

Tired and thirsty after a walk? You can stop at Flutes at the Fort and The Legends Fort Canning Park to take a sip and rest.

Need further information?? Please click here: or call their hotline 1800-4717300. Enjoy your outing..!

Saturday, 15 July 2006

In the afternoon, we went to Katharina Devi (known as Devi-Ramu or Devi Tampines) one of the member of IIS or ISM, milis groups in Singapore..
We arrived at about 13.30 for Mie Bangka lunch ... cooked by our chef, Ms. Devi. Only 4 of us were there, the fourth person is Jahja Saputra, a joker!!!
We had a nice and great afternoon... Unfortunately I forgotton to take any picture, so... that's all!

From Tampines, since the day still early, we stopped by at East Coast Park for an afternoon walk. And we saw that there is a new attraction over here, the SKI360o.

Those who like ski, can come here to have fun. Cable skiing or wakeboarding as its name implies, is waterskiing or wakeboarding where the participants are not pulled by a boat but by an overhead cable, very similar to a snow ski lift, but erected around the banks of a lake.

Most the visitors or players are tourists... only a few locals play. And I believe this place only for those who already know how to ski.. as I did not see any instructor at that time.

You know how to ski but no equipment?? Don't worry, they also provide the equipments.

When your turn, just scan the barcode at your wrist, then hold on the holder, and BYURRR.. go and skiing... for a few laps. Everything is controlled by computer, when the time is up, then the string will loose and you unable to ski anymore..

You dont feel or dont know how ski but like to watch them...? Just sit at the Ski360o cafe next to the 'lake'.

The rates: Weekdays (10am - 7pm) $30 for 1 hour; $45 for 2 hours
Weekends (9am - 1pm) $40 for 1 hour; $60 for 2 hours, ...


More information???? Click here:

Have a good week end!


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