Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Visitors counter from Neo Counter

Neo Counter offer a free service to know anybody who is online... and as part of their promotion they also offer the summary of visitors both the total and from which countries.

I do not want to pay... so, the subscription is terminated.... and I managed to save the details as shown below.

Visitors to this date, 9 august 2006 at 22.15

Singapore: 157
Indonesia: 40
Australia: 22
United States: 14
Malaysia: 10
United Kingdom: 7
Japan: 6
Thailand: 6
Netherlands: 4
Germany: 3
Hong Kong: 3
India: 2
Canada: 2
Portugal: 2
New Zealand: 2
Kuwait: 2
Egypt: 1
United Arab Emirates: 1
Colombia: 1
Brazil: 1
Taiwan: 1
Romania: 1
Peru: 1
Croatia: 1

290 visitors in 24 countries

My humble request, those who has been to this blog... please do leave your footstep... name, email/blog address/bank a/c [*hussh!!!*] so that I can contact or visit you back... I like to have more friends from all over the globe!

Hei... yang udah mampir, tinggalin jejakmu dong, dimanapun anda berada..... asal jangan ninggalin utang ya....

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