Saturday, April 29, 2006

Clarke Quay, Singapore

Friday, 28 April 2006

With Kay, Faith and the children, Bagio and I went to Clarke Quay (read "klark q") for dinner and short walk.

After more than 1 year did not visit this place, Clarke Quay (CQ) has changed a lots and getting more people, tourists to come here for meals or drinks. Located near Chinatown and Singapore river. Along the river, many restaurants, and pubs are ready to serve you. The Mongolian, Moroccon, Thai, Japanese, Chinese, Indo Chine, Western, Hotters, Fish Meals, Indian, ..., ...., you name it..

The name of the pubs/restaurants some is a bit funny and attractive, like The 1 Night Stand (pub and commedy club), Hotters (the serving ones wear very short pant and sexy shirt), the Fish Meals (with big yellow tail of whale to greet the visitors), and others. Some with lives performance to entertaint the guests.

This place is nice for a walk and chats while dine or just for a sip of coffee and ice cream. Shopping for souveniers, or just let the children relieve themselves at the games house..

If you come here on Sunday morning, you will be able to visit their flea market, where you can find a lots of things, from the latest to the very-very old collections and collectible items.

There is a fountain for the children (or adults) to wet themselves. Just remember to bring extra cloths if you want them to play the water and wet.

If you want to, you can take the river taxi (bumb - boat) to cruise along Singapore river. I will check the price of this river taxi per person when I have a chance to go there again. Anyway, after 12 years stay in Singapore, not even single trip I try yet!!! Have to ask my hubby to bring me there to try..

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