Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Malaysia's Petrol for Foreigner Cars

M'sia bans fuel sales to foreign cars near borders

Petrol stations close to Thailand affected.
Malaysia has announced a ban on the sale of its subsidised fuel to foreign cars at all petrol stations within 30 to 50 kilometres of the country's borders, news reports said yesterday.
The ban, which is to take effect on Friday, affects petrol stations in the five states closest to the northern border with Thailand and the southern border with Singapore, Malaysia's Domestic Trade Minister Shahrir Samad said.

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Is a bad news for most of Singaporean and Thai people who used to enjoy cheaper petrol/fuel bought from Malaysia.. Malaysia’s diesel and petrol prices are among the lowest in Asia due to high government subsidies. When this new regulation take effect on Friday, 30 May 2008, many Singaporean will deter from visiting Johor Bahru and also will affect most of Johor Petrol stations. "Buying cheap petrol is one of the privileges and what attracts the Singaporean to go there. But with this implementation, it may deter people from visiting Johor.

In the past, I myself also like to go Johor Bahru just to top-up my car's tank... Just drive in to JB - pump petrol - than back to Singapore....... If the traffic in the causeway no jammed, within half an-hour I already reached back Singapore, and I can save about S$15-20.00.

Now I can not do that anymore... If I want to pump petrol, at least has to drive in further about 30-50 km from the causeway/Malaysia's border. Ooppssssss............ has to use the petrol first before can pump in.

Still thinking how to solve this problem, hehe!
Any suggestion from you?
Or shall we just change to CNG as an alternative of Petrol high price? Uh.. uh.. we did not choose CNG option when we bought our recent car...


nie said...

wah hehehe bensin jadi masalah dimana2 :)

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