Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Hunting A New Car

Past few weeks we went out to hunting for a new car.
Our current car already coming to 7 years old and since the new car price now is cheaper, so is worth to change it.

We went to:
Borneo Motor and took a look at Altis.........

Komoco Motors and took a look at Avante.........

Road Shows at Toa Payoh Hub and took a look at Axio, Wish, Honda Fit.......
Turf City and viewed the Axio..........

After some consideration and thinking, at first we wanted to choose Avante because of its price and model.

Last saturday, we went to Jurong East Library to return and borrow books. On the way back, Bagio needed to buy something from NTUC and nearby NTUC got road show from SunAuto. Happened this company is my office's neighbour at Jurong Port Road. We just stopped by and took a look of what sort of cars and prices they offer.
Being served by Ernest... we asked many questions. And since their offer for our old car is quite attractive, we decided to choose their car. And we signed the agreement to buy Toyota ............... (*will write again when we get our new car*)

The bank loan currently is set at 2.5% interest. You can opt for 100% loan with maximum repayment of 10 years (depend on your household annual income to be approved by the bank).
Yesterday (Tue, 6 May) we got the approval bank loan, and today (Wed, 7 May) bidding for the COE . If everything go smoothly, by next month we can get our new car.

We hope that this car will be good and useful for our daily living and His Testimony.


nie said...

wah must be excited to get ur new car :)

Miz Scribbles said...

Bank loan nya kok murah banget??? Disini personal loan bisa sampai 10%...wah gue bolah pinjam uang dari singapore ga ya?