Monday, May 19, 2008

West Coast Park

Sunday, 18 may 2008

About evening time we went to West Coast Park, near Pasir Panjang Road. We thought since at West Coast area, we can enjoy the sunset.. who knows that the sunset is not very beautiful.

This place is good for picnic and outing with family and friends, including BBQ party. Many people come here for in-line scating/blading, jogging, cycling, fishing, camping, fly the kites, exercise or just play at the playground or marsh garden . Also the car with pedal (I dont know what you call the thing).

This place only have 1 McDonald for refreshment... and just expect a long queue when you order the foods. If you come with more people, better bring your own food for picnic.

Car Park is available, but always have to wait especially if weekends or public holiday. You can drive further up to find another car park. Or just take bus service no. 175 and 176, and stop along the park.

More information of West Coast Park, can click here .


nie said...

wah jalan2 terus nih ya :)

Flona said...

loh kok ndak mampir mbak'e? lah wong kantorku deket sana kok *protes* piye kabare?