Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Underwater World, Sentosa

Sunday, after church meeting, we went to Sentosa just to visit Underwater World since I got 2 vouchers from Credit Card company. Without the voucher, the entrance fee to Underwater World is very expensive, S$19.90 for adult and S$13.70 for children age 3-12 years old.

Here are some photo that we took that day, but unfortunately the photo not so good. Need more practice to take in dark room with moving objects.
Its Nemo.........?? I heard many young children asked the parents that day, which one is Nemo?

The fishes look bigger since our last visit few years ago.
Is this fish also???? Unless this fish is moving, if not doesn't look like a fish. The 'transparant' thing behind also another fish.

Also now we can see different types of Crab, both land and water crabs, small or big, and many others..
This is one type of Jelly fish on display that day.

At certain timing, you can see the attraction of 'fish feeding'. You can touch the fishes at 'Touch pool' or touch sting ray at 'Ray of fun'. Many interesting fishes, such as Piranha, various Shark, Rays, Dugong, Grouper. Also beautiful reef. And do not forget to take a look at the tiny living thing from cold artic water (2 degree Celcius), the sea snails that call 'SEA ANGEL'.

More information can be obtained from here
I found some nice and clear pictures from the net.. can been seen at Wong's gallery

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