Sunday, August 12, 2007

Singapore City Tour

Saturday, 11 August 2007 (14.00-16.30):
With some freshmen from NTU and NUS, we went for 3 hours city tours with campus' saints.

The Victoria Theatre and Concert Hall (Chinese: 维多利亚剧院及音乐会堂) is a complex of two buildings and a clock tower joined together by a common corridor and located in the civic district of Singapore.
Victoria Theatre (the section of the building on the left of the clock) was built as a town hall in 1856 to 1862 and provided space for offices, a stage and meeting hall. When the community decided to build a new theatre to commemorate the Jubilee celebrations of Queen Victoria, Architects Swan and Maclaren integrated a new hall with the refaced existing building and joined the two with a 60 metre clock tower. Ground was broken in 1902. Upon completion in 1906, the building - a hybrid of classical and renaissance elements adapted to suit the tropical climate - became a civic landmark and so it has remained. The clock was installed in 1906.

The Victoria Theatre has a seating capacity of 904, with a stage 167.28 square metres in size. The Victoria Concert Hall has 883 seats, and a stage which may be expanded up to 139.76 square metres in area. The concert hall was considered the venue with the best acoustics in the city, and has been the main performance venue for the SSO until the completion of the Esplanade - Theatres on the Bay in 2002 whereby the orchestra moved its home base to take advantage of superior acoustics and facilities brought about by technological and architectural advances over the years

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Stamford Raffles Raffles Statue in Black is located near by Victoria Theatre.

Close up of the inscription on the statue of Raffles:

(this photo is taken from

The Arts House at The Old Parliament House
The former Parliament House building, the oldest surviving government building in Singapore, stands on the banks of the Singapore River. This site is where Sir Stamford Raffles first arrived in 1819.

The two-storey Neo-Palladian building was completed in 1827, and reopened on 26th March 2004 as The Arts House at The Old Parliament.

The Old Parliament House once served as a Neo-Palladian mansion, a parliament house and as govenment offices. A bronze elephant statue glows on the grounds as a gift from the King of Siam in 1871.
More details about the Art House...??
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"Former" Supreme Court:
The Old Supreme Court Building (Chinese: 最高法院大厦) is the former courthouse of the Supreme Court of Singapore, before it moved out of the building and commenced operations in the new building on 20 June2005. The building was the last Classical architecture building to be built on the former British colony. Built in front of the historical Padang grounds between 1937 and 1939, it was designed by Frank Dorrington Ward of the Public Works Department, and was his last and most significant work. The building is planned to become an arts and cultural centre in the future, with plans to refurbish the building. More information, click here...

Padang: With some activities on that day.


This is a photo of Sago Lane in the 60's. On one side, you will see the parlour which they have a nick name .... "convalescence centre”. On the other side are hawker stalls.

Taken from

If you wanna know more, click here the (hi)story about Sago_Lane

Kevin, our tour guide for the day!
The bus:
Some participants:


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