Thursday, August 23, 2007

Melbourne, Victoria, 22 Aug 2007

Thank God, that after about six hours journey to Melbourne from Singapore (eventhough I couldn't sleep well), I reached Melbourne at 5.51 am. Passed the immigration and custom clearance without any problem.

By taxi I went to Hoppers Crossing (the taxi cost me A$85.50!!!!, luckily I can claim it back from my boss). After some chat and light breakfast, I followed May to the office (since Nov 06 my boss moved the office to the Graham court, no longer at the same place with his house). I just walked around the new office and take a light rest.
Now is late winter in Melbourne, but the weather is very nice. In the morning was about 6-8 degree C, afternoon at 1 pm the degree is at 15C. Evening about 13C. Not very cold, I like it.

And I found a few 'Sakura' trees full bloom between office and my boss' house .. very pretty.
Have an early sleep tonight... as tomorrow I will start to work... This time trip is mainly for work, not for holiday.

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