Friday, August 29, 2008

Macau-Zhu Hai-ShenZhen, 12-16 August 2008 (II)

Zhu Hai, 13-14 August 2008

After breakfast.. we checked out and by taxi proceed direct to the border of Macau - Zhu Hai. Many people on queue in the Immigration counter... From Macau to Zhu Hai just a short walk only, less than 5 minutes walk (not included the queue time in the both immigration counter) and all the way in the building area, not open space.After left Zhu Hai (China) Immigration, we arrived at the big underground shopping area.. Gong Bei Port Plaza. No wonder many people just walk (is W.A.L.K.) or just drive the car to crossing Macau - Zhu Hai.

We took taxi to hotel first (because very troublesome to shop with all the luggage hanging on us). After checked in (thank God that we could check in early!), we went back to Gong Bei Port Plaza for lunch then get ready to go around the shopping area for shop!!! This shopping place caters mainly for clothings, shoes, bags, and accessories. Of course you can find some other things also, such as DVD/CD, watches, cosmetics, mobile phone, games and foods.

After tired, we back to hotel to try the spa and massage.. Our hotel in Zhuhai is Chinese Medicine Valley [in Chinese: 中药谷], a place to stay and soak ourselves in many pools (indoors and outdoors) with different herbs such as Green Tea, Vinegar, Aloe Vera, Peppermint, Rose, and many others.. The outdoor pools are located among the trees, bushes, or inside a cave. It says the cold-water spa with milk, flowers, aroma or vinegar can help people to relax, and the hot/warm herbal spa with different traditional Chinese medicine ingredients will help activate blood circulation and dissipate blood stasis, remove the heat from the liver and improve eyesight, eliminate toxins and beautify the skin, as well as shape the body and keep fitness. There are also VIP rooms and wooden barrel baths for tailored customer services. This place also provide body massage, foot massage and beauty care.

This hotel is located next to New Yuanming Palace and Lost City Water Park off Jiuzhou Avenue in Lanpu. Other than taxi, also can take the bus no. 1, 13, 25, 30, 40, 60 or 99 to the Lanpu Bus Stop.

Need more information about Zhu Hai? Click Zhu Hai. We did not have time for sightseeing at all, we spent our time for shopping and spa/massage only.

Click here to get more information about Chinese Medicine Valley or check their website here to get more information about the pools (unfortunately all are in Chinese!).

The next day, after breakfast we went back to Gong Bei Port Plaza for another last minute shopping... then by taxi we went to Jiuzhou (九州港) seaport to take ferry to Shenzhen (for Amy and me) and to Hongkong for May & Joelle. The ferry ticket from Zhu Hai to Shen Zhen is RMB90.00. The journey about 1 hour. From Shekou (蛇口)Port to our hotel (Days Inn) at LuoHu area about 45 minutes drive and cost us RMB81.00.

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