Friday, August 29, 2008

Macau-Zhu Hai-Shen Zhen, 12-16 August 2008 (III)

Shen Zhen, 14-16 August 2008

We stayed at Days Inn Hotel located at Luo Hu, near Dong Men [东门], East Gate, about 3 minutes walk. After the hand full with shopping bags, we went back to the hotel to unload and rest, then go out again....... :). It is really fun to shop here.. everything seems like very cheap. I enjoyed shop at two dollar shops.. everything is RMB2.00 .. Just choose and pick then pay.. no need to do the calculation to know how much in SGD. During our stayed for 3 days... we only visited Window of the World on 15 Aug .. other than that we just spent our times at DongMen for shop and shop..... On the last day, after checked-out, again we just linger at Dong Men area. Amy did the facial (RMB38.00), tattoo her eyebrow (RMB350.00), massage (RMB30.00 for 1 hour) and wash her hair (RMB 10.00). I wash/cut/blow my hair for RMB25.00 and massage. I not encourage you to do the massage in this place, as the masseur was not proffessional and not systematic at all...

Dong Men is a shopping district consisting of department stores, supermarkets, shops and stalls. It is centred on two parallel pedestrian streets with several smaller streets and alleys traversing it, creating a labyrinth in which every available space is used to sell something. Shops range from holes-in-the-wall to retail chains like Baleno, Giordano and the odd foreign brand shop, such as Addidas. Fashion wear, sports wear, jewellery, shoes, handbags, toys, CDs, DVDs, video games, traditional medicine...the list goes on and on. Touts guide punters to massage houses, nail salons and tattoo parlours. Except for retail chain stores with prices clearly displayed, bargaining will be required, for at least 40-60% cheaper.

If you do nothing else in Shenzhen, just visit Dong Men for shopping. It’s a wonderfully vibrant area to explore and a lot of the city’s young go there to stroll around, hang out and eat from its snack stalls and restaurants. It can be crowded at any time of the week but on weekends and holidays it seems like the whole population of the city is trying to squeeze into a few small streets.

How to get there
This area can be reached by bus no 102, 113,103, and 203. Head down one of the pedestrian streets that run perpendicular to Dong Men Zhong Lu (Dong Men Central Road) near the Dong Men footbridge. (There are more shops on the opposite side of Dong Men Zhong Lu). From there just wander and follow the crowd. By Metro, get off at Lao Jie station and leave from exit A. Turn left and you’ll soon be in the thick of it. This information is from

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