Thursday, June 19, 2008

Until the last cent....

Last Friday, 13 June 2008 we went to Suntec city to see the PC Exhibition to buy some gadgets..

After walked around, we decided to buy the external harddisk to store Bagio's photo collection. We chose 500Gb with the price of S$129.99. When we want to pay, the guy told me that is we pay using NETS, have to add 2%, if credit card add 3%. Woah..... its surprised us, as usually when we pay using NETS are always free... why this time no?

I don't want to pay with nets and I asked Bagio how much he has with him. I also search high and low from my wallet and bag... we managed to find $129.00. And before we pay, I saw the brochure again, and showed that the actual price is $129.99........ O oh.. then we dig and dig again to find the next 0.99! Finally .. we can get the $130.00 with some coins of $0.20, 0.10 and 0.05 to pay for the external harddisk... When we went home, our combined money in the wallet/bag/pocket was only $0.01 .. the return from 130.00.

Moral of the story: Cash is still the best!

Sapa suruh gak mau bawa uang cash.. keenakan bayar pake Nets/Cards, jadinya ya gini ini!