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Mudik Surabaya/Salatiga, 20-31 Dec 2007

20 December 2007, we took Silk Air flew back to Surabaya. At about 09.00AM we reached Surabaya and Shirley's family already there waited for us (*20 Dec is a public holiday both in Singapore & Indonesia, that is why they could come & picked us up*). From airport, we direct went to Claket for a break. Evening we went back to Surabaya.

21 - 22 December, just went to visit our grandma (seen here in the photo, she already 98 years old, but still very healthy & alert), aunt/uncle, and also went out with Hernanto/Melani. They brough us to try RUJAK SOTO, specialities from Banyuwangi.. It is really rujak petis mixed with Soto Babat.. can't imagine it, just try it. If you want to know where u can get it in Surabaya, just let me know.. I have their namecard (but I am not their marketing people ...)
Other than rujak soto, they also sell other dishes, but I still prefer this Rujak Soto.

23-25 December 2007
After Hadi finished work, at about 2 pm we departed to Semarang/Salatiga to visit Bagio's family. We went via North Road, but due to the many rain recently, the roads not so smooth, and we drove slowly.. We reached Semarang about 8pm, direct looking for NASI AYAM somewhere in Jalan MT Haryono. If you want to try Nasi Ayam, dont come after 8pm, most of them already finished and ready to pack... They start business at 6pm..!
Since, too tired, we just stay overnight at Hadi's brother at Tanah Mas.
The next morning, we proceeded to Salatiga, to visit Bagio's family.
We went to Kopeng and Coffee farm. Night time, we met Amin & family after so many years never met. We chatted until late.

Sen-sen & Ling-Ling brought us for 'lesehan' dinner at Mina Restaurang. The food is nice... Tks Sen/Ling.

Monday, 24 December 2007, Hermawan's family arrived from Jakarta after long hours drove.
Tuesday, 25 December 2007 we drove to Bandungan and then Semarang to have our lunch there. We ate at Koh Liem, traditional chinese food. Also bought pecel kangkung..

And.. of course we went to our house at Dliko Indah to harvest the mango that planted by my mother...
Every year, when we back to Salatiga, the mango is always there waiting for us....

26 December 2007
After breakfast, we proceed direct to Surabaya via Solo/Sragen.
On the half way to Sragen, we could not go on because of the flood. In the end, we had to make many turn back to avoid the flood until about 4 hours.

Is really thank God that we did not delay our trip back to Surabaya. Otherwise we could not back that day, because only about 2 or 3 hours later, many roads were block and impossible to pass it by vehicle, unless by boat.. :)
We reached Claket (Pacet) almost 10.30 pm after taken dinner on the way.

27-29 December 2007
Today we prepared simple feast to celebrate Theo's 7th years birthday (actual date is on 26th December, but since he wanted to celebrate it in Claket, then we celebrated on this day).

Everybody was busy, except the guys... haha... Since the kitchen is small, we prepared the food while sitting in the garden outside the kitchen. Very fun.. Our menu is: Sate, Corn Soup, Tahu, Mie Goreng, and of course birthday cake (the cake was bought lah, not bake ourselves).

Happy Birthday, our dear Theo..
God bless and leading you always in your future.. Amen.

Our photo in Claket and the foods that we ate there... hmmmmmm...........

30-31 December 2007

After church, we went to visit my god-sister, who is also my cousin, Vonny. She just give birth twin girls, Jennifer and Jessica, last 1st May 2007. Very cute nieces...

After that we went to some last minute shopping and lastly visit my 3rd uncle/aunt.

31 December afternoon we flew back to Singapore.
We reached our home at 10.00pm..

Happy New Year 2008............
After cleanse ourselves, we went to the dreamland with sweet memory from Indonesia.

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Yuliana said...

Dear Susan and Bagio, nice story posting about surabaya. I have never been to surabaya, maybe i should go there one day, the food look delicious..luckyly i just finish my dinner when i read this post :D