Thursday, January 24, 2008

Chinese New Year is coming.....

Chinese new year is arriving soon........ the spring is here........
According to Chinese Calendar, the year 2008 is the Year of the Rat, which is fall on 7 February 2008.
Like the years before...... its means that Bagio will often go home late, as his company dealt with plants, many people, especially those who celebrate Chinese New Year, will like to buy to decorate their house to welcome the Spring.
Some people believe that certain plants will bring good luck to those who have it..... believe it or not...?
Flowers hold a special significance at Chinese New Year. They are believed to be symbols of wealth and high positions in one's career.
And the price is either start or end with "8" which sound like 'fa' means "Luck".
I just want to write about certain plants that you will easily find during Chinese New Year, and why people like to buy it:

1. "Assorted orange or Kumquat"...... small - medium - big - very big fruits. The bigger the plants the more expensive the price. Oranges in Canton is "KAM". The sound of 'Kam' and the colour of orange is similar like 'gold'. So.. with the orange tree at home.. the gold will come too........

2. "Lucky bamboo".. actually is dracaena plants... with many type of model and arrangements. I believe, in the beginning, some creative people braid the stems something like pineapple.. and people associated it like pineapple, which is 'wang li', meaning good luck will come.....

3. "Pussy Willow” or “Yin Liu” in Mandarin. Is it because the pronounciation is something like 'the silver flow"..? Olden days, people is using silver as money, right?

4. "Chinese Jade Plant/Money Tree (Crassula sp.)". The leaves is resembles coin, money. Everything that associated with money or luck is saleable during Chinese New Year.

5. "Cockscomb/Plumos (Celosia argentea)", especially the red and yellow colour. For Chinese, the colour red is a auspicious colour and it is used for decoration during Chinese new year. Yellow is symbol of Gold...

Also all types of plants with beautiful flowers, such as Chrysanthemum, Zinnia, Orchids and others will also be brought back to the home for decorations and celebrations.

Want to know more about Chinese New Year with all its meaning, history and so on.. please click All about Chinese New Year

新年快乐 Xīn nián kuài lè,
"Happy new year"
恭喜发财 Gōng xi fā cái ,
"Congratulations and be prosperous".


nie said...

wah chinese new year masih bbrp minggu lg, ternyata sudah pada siap2 ya skrg hehehe

Sylvia, jake and matt said...

Chinese NY is coming ya. Kudu inget2 neh sebab disini jarang orang rayain :-)