Friday, May 18, 2007

NDP 2007 is coming .........!

Yesterday I heard from the radio's news about the E-balloting for the NDP'07 tickets. Wow.......... time is really flies....... almost NDP again.........??
Personally, I enjoy NDP season is the Firework Festival that always there for us to enjoy freely.....

For this year, the E-balloting will be start from 19th May until 28th May 2007. According to the radio, the ballotting can be done from their website:, or by sms, AXA machine, and some other ways..... please check and listen to the radio and TV news if you interested to get hold on the ticket. Only Singaporean and PR can joint this E-balloting.. And 1 name only can apply one time for either 2, 4 or 6 tickets.
Try your luck...... or if you can have it and can not go, please remember me and pass it to me.....

From their website:
National Day Festival
NDP @ Marina Bay 2007 presents a unique and enriching experience to all Singaporeans as we extend the celebratory mood beyond 9th August.
From 16 July till 26 August, NDP Exco and partners introduces National Day Fest to our Nation. National Day Fest aims to engage and entertain all Singaporeans, from the young to the young at heart.
Do explore the string of activities and events that are lined up and held around the vibrant Marina Bay.

Be fascinated by the “Pomp & Pageantry” of the National Day Parade, enjoy “Fun & Entertainment” around Marina Bay, be immersed in “Culture & Heritage” activities, sweat yourselves out in “Sports & Fitness”, building our “Community & Identity”.
Celebrate Singapore: City of Possibilities
Bayfest allows you to celebrate our nation’s 42nd birthday with a wide range activities and events for all Singaporeans.
a. 18 - 29 July : Singapore HeritageFest 07
b. 29 July : NAC EXXONMOBILE - Concert in the Park
c. 3 - 5 August : BayBeats 07
d. 8 - 12 August : Celebrate NationalDay at Esplanade
e. 4 August : Pop Culture II
f. 11 August : NUS Rag and Flag Day
g. 18 August : Marina Bay Challenge
h. 17 - 18 August : Singapore Fireworks Celebrations
i. 1 - 12 August : BayFest
j. 25 - 26 August : WaterFest Singapore 2007
k. 26 August : Singapore Bay Run/ Army Half Marathon
l. 28 July : Take the City Walk – Celebrate Singapore, Celebrate Family

For complete and other information, just logon into their website:


Yuliana said...

wahhh jadi pengen alat panggang listrik......ngiler liat satenya....

Flona said...

apakah kali ini berhasil dapet tiket?