Saturday, June 17, 2006

Flying to Melbourne (16-18 June 2006)

Friday, 16 June 2006

Taking SQ227 (Megatop Boeing 747) I am flying to Melbourne, Australia.
The flight is departure at 20.55 and landed safely at 05.55 (17 June 2006).

Saturday, 17 June 2006

The custom in Australia very strict. They even use dog to 'smell' passengers/visitors bags or luggages. Also, please check first what is the things (about food) that you can bring in or not. Certain foods are not allow to enter at all, for example, any food with intact egg (even though already cooked), pork, lily bulb, etc....
In my experience, we ever brought Moon Cake for friends, and all without egg yolks type. The custom officers cut every cake just to make sure that there is no egg yolk inside the mooncake...
Chocolate or dairy products also can not be brought into Australia, unless is made in Australia or New Zealand. For dried products, as long as no seeds and commercially packaging, you can bring in. But not certain products, like this reason trip, my lily bulb for a friend who are asking for it got conviscated unless I allow them to do heat treatment.... Most packaged food from developed countries they are pretty lenient with, but if you don't declare it, they WILL find it, and it will just slow you down, so best to declare it and put it at the top of your luggage near the opening, so it is easy to get to and show them. Usually, if you do this, they don't bother to look through the rest of your luggage either! To make it sure, you can check from their website at

Now is winter in Australia, and the weather here at about 8 C when we arrived.
Today, the weather very good, the sun is coming out to greet me :), and the weather about 13 C

My lunch, fish roll....

Sunday, 18 June 2006

Early morning, about 08.30 we left for Queen Victoria Market to do some shopping.
This market is very famous in Melbourne for the local as well as tourist to shop. You can get many types of souveniers like T-Shirt,

key chain, arts, food, and many others. Also, there is wet market (but very clean and neat) that sells meat, vegetables, cheese, fruits, nuts, and others...
For information about Queen Victoria Market, you can check at this website: . Just take a note that this market is not open every day...
Market Trading Hours
Tuesday: 6am - 2pm
Thursday: 6am - 2pm
Friday: 6am - 6pm (General merchandise closes at 4pm)
Saturday: 6am - 3pm
Sunday: 9am - 4pm
Closed every Monday and Wednesday, Good Friday, Anzac Day, Melbourne Cup Day, Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year's Day

After that, as May (my lady boss/ex colleague who is station in Melbourne now) is expecting her first baby, according to the custom in Australia, the other colleagues arranged for one custom ceremony that calls: BABY SHOWER.... Everybody bring their gifts for the baby with assuming that the new mother-to-be doesn't know what to buy and/or what to have to welcome the baby.

After finish lunch, we went to Chocolate Emperor .... wholesaler of chocolate. In the beginning, I thought was a chocolate factory, but after we went in.... yeah... only a small shop with many items like chocolate (with simple packaging, but the price is quite cheap), candies, snacks, etc...

Today the weather is about 10C.

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