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Short Holiday to Penang, Malaysia (28-31 March 2013)

FRIDAY, 29 March 2013
With few church's friends, on 28th March 2013 evening we took coach (S$55.00 per person for 18 seaters bus) to go to Penang, Malaysia.
After about 10hrs on the road (departed at 10PM and arrived at 7.30AM the next morning), we stopped at Sg. Nibong bus station, Penang. LieFang's sis and dad came to pick us and brought us for breakfast.

Assorted noodles for our breakfast
  After checked-in our hotel @ Mingood Hotel and refreshed ourselves, we went out again ready to explore Penang with its famous foods and some tourists attractions.

First destination was Fort Cornwallis at Georgetown, Penang. The entrance fee for adult RM2.00.

Fort Cornwallis is an old star fort located on the northeastern coast of Penang, Malaysia. It is named after the late 18th century Governor-General of Bengal, India, Charles Cornwallis, 1st Marquess Cornwallis. WikipediaAddress: Jalan Tun Syed Sheh Barakbah, Georgetown, Penang,
Fort Cornwallis open daily 09.00 to 18.30.
Penang Road famous Teochew Chendul
 We stopped by at the famous Teochew chendul (chendol) at Penang Road. The road is very narrow and not easy to get a parking lot. Sometimes has to park about 200-300 m away. 

Teochew chendul with red beans

Char Kwee Tiau *sometimes has to wait >15 min for this*

Penang Laksa *Assam Laksa*

The next destination: Clan Jetties, the floating villages in Penang. We visited Lim Jetty and Chew Jetty, 2 out of 8 clan jetties of Pengkalan Weld. These jetties are Unesco World Heritage Site in Penang, Malaysia.
We can see their daily living and activites in their traditional settlement.
More info about Clan Jetties, can be seen from Penang Traveltips - Chew jetty.
Colorful house @ Chew Jetty.

Lim Jetty

In the evening, after an afternoon rest and Doreen joint us, we went out to look for our dinner...We went to Gurney Drive..

The road was jammed and not easy to find parking lot since it was Friday evening..
We tried many lokal foods such as char kwee tiauw, prawn noodle, ngo-hiang, steam cockles, bbq stingray .. and also the yummy and famous Rojak Pasembur (RM15.00 for the above pictures, the price is varies depend on how many fritters you take).

Gurney Drive, one stop Penang Foods

Rojak Pasembur from Gurney Drive
 Rojak Pasembur is Indian Rojak, fried dough fritters, tofu, boiled egg, cuttlefish, etc (you can choose what you like to eat), and cover with shredded cucumber, turnip ('bengkuang'), and taoge. And then cover with the sauce that made with sweet potato and peanuts.

Some of the foods that we ordered and enjoyed @ Gurney Dr.
 After our stomachs full, we took a walk at the nearby mall @ Gurney Drive. Then went to Penang TownHall for a walk and bought some fruits. The weather in Penang during our visit was terrible hot .. so drinks and fruits is essential to consume during our stay..

Saturday, 30 March 2013
After a very simple breakfast at the hotel, we started our journey today by finding and visiting the Penang Art Street and wall painting. Click that link to get more info about Art Street. Many hotels provide the brochures that help a lots to find those drawing and art around Georgetown. If you like, rent the bicycle to go around to find it.

After lunch, we drove to Batu Ferringgih and Telok Bahang, the fisherman village.

Photo taken @ Miami Beach, Batu Ferringgih.
We had seafood dinner with Lie Fang's parents and sisters at Hai Boey Seafood (海尾海鲜)
29 Pasir Belanda, Teluk Kumbar, Penang 11920, Malaysia. The place is at the seaside, the foods are fresh and nice with reasonable price. We spent RM269.00 for 12 adults (the foods: 2 type of crab, tofu, squid, 2 vegetables, mixed mushroom, 'lala', and dessert coconut lecchy and 'kedondong' juice for our drinks).    

After roti prata's breakfast, we checked out from the hotel and went to LieFang's sister's house to keep our luggage. Then we went to the Lord's Table Meeting @ Hall 1 the Church in Penang.
After stopped by at Chew Jetty to buy some souveniers (Magnet, key chain, etc, which the prices are cheaper than others' place), we straight go to the nearby Ferry Terminal ( Penang Ferry Service ) taking ferry to Butterworth.
The journey to Butterworth from Georgetown was FOC. You only need to pay the ferry charges if travel from Butterworth to Georgetown. Other alternatives, take Penang Bridge .. but the TOLL charges are applied...

Passengers on the upper deck and small vehicles (cars) on the lower deck, whereas some board vehicles on both decks.

We went to Butterworth to attend the wedding of Sis. Nicole Wong (From Sarawak who was working and meeting with us in Singapore) and Bro. Stanley Chin (who is originally from Penang).
The wedding was at 1.30PM .. and by 4PM already finished.

Wedding lunch @Kim Hee Restaurant, Butterworth

After the wedding luncheon, we back to Georgetown to collect our luggages after refreshed ourselves and then went for dinner. We went to Sunshine Mall @ Bayan Baru for quick shopping. Then we had "Lai Xiang Bak Kut Teh" at BB Cafe near Sunshine Mall, Bayan Baru.

After Doreen left for airport, we got the news that our bus to Singapore was late/delayed. Then we went to the nearby beach for a walk before set to Sg. Nibong Bus Terminal.

In the end, the bus was arrived almost 12AM .. Despite direct drive to Singapore, we need to change bus at KL and then JB. Most of us who supposed to work on that day, was either late or didnt go to work.. We reached home safely almost 11 o'clock .. Short yet enjoyable trips .. PTL..

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