Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Part 4: Holiday to South Island of New Zealand (28 Nov-13 Dec 2012) - 6-7 December 2012

6 December 2012: DOUBTFUL SOUND
The journey started at 7AM when the bus from Real Journeys came to pick us up at the nearby Caltex Station (5 min walk from our motel) and drove to Manapouri to take the boat to West Arm. Then transfer to a bus for Doubtful Sound passing Wilmot Passthe most expensive road in NZ. *Our bus got into trouble, the fan belt broken, so had to wait for the lady driver to repair it*
At 10AM, we reach Deep Cove Wharf to board another boat to start the journey to Doubtful Sound Wilderness Cruise

the view @ Doubtful Sound

Hundred waterfalls along the cruise.

The Sound is the site of several large waterfalls, The surounding hills are known for their hundreds of waterfalls during the rainy season.
More informations about Doubtful Sound, just click here.

During our cruise, the rain almost never stopped, though sometimes only drizzling. If only there was sun appear for a while, they said we would be able to see many rainbows...
We saw some dolphins and penguins but no seal at all.
We did really the enjoy  the absolutely stunning scenary, both excursion vessels were very comfortable with complimentary coffee and tea.

Since we joint the earlier tour, we got the opportunity to visit Manapouri Underground Power Station,  to  view the immense underground machine hall and learn the story behind this power station.

Takahe the flightless bird from Te Anau

We cooked curry chicken for dinner..
Have a nice sleep for the next destination tomorrow...

7 December 2012: WANAKA
After morning revival and breakfast, we left Te Anau for Wanaka. Along the way, we stopped @ Lazy Bones Cafe, 1158 Athol Garston Hwy Athol Garston, located between Arrowtown/Queenstown to Te Anau. The foods and hot beverages were nice .. Free WIFI ... Everyone just tried to logged in as soon as we found out that Wifi was available .. Lazybones sells a lots of unique gifts and souveniers.

Tried the Venison Pie and hot choco and coffee..

We stopped at Amisfield Winery for wine tasting and some of us bought some bottles of wine.

Salt & Pepper from Lazybones Cafe

Amisfield Winery

The view when reaching WANAKA

Rippon Vineyard, Wanaka

Wine Tasting @ Rippon
We reached Wanaka about 2PM and direct looked for lunch .......Then we checked in at Aspiring Campervan. After checked in, we immediately left for Rippon Vineyard for another wine tasting and bought wines.
Back to hotel. Some of us enjoyed the free sauna, some took pictures, some enjoyed hot drinks. The cool weather always make us feel hungry .. We saw rainbows right in front of our rooms ..

We had decided the Italian food for tonight @ Capriccio,  facing Lake Wanaka. The foods were good and the price quite reasonable.. 
Lamb Shoulder, portion for 2 Asian

Night had fallen ........ Eyes need to be closed, energy need to be restored for tomorrow ...... Good nite everyone ..


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