Thursday, January 17, 2013

Dordia, Omah nDeso @ Claket, East Java, Indonesia

Enjoy nature at your doorstep... Retreat-Family Gathering-Reunion-Meditation or just for relaxing.. For more info, please contact:
Email: Skype: susana_os
Tel/SMS: +62(0)811334156 (Melani) +62(0)8563071813 (Shirley) +65 84884244 (Sue);

Nikmatilah pemandangan alam yang indah dan asri dengan udara sejuk. Acara kumpul-kumpul dengan keluarga, reuni dengan teman, menenangkan diri, atau sekedar bersantai sambil menikmati ciptaan Tuhan............

Click here to get more info about Dordia 

Info lebih lengkap tentang Dordia? Klik di sini.

Night @ Dordia

Omah "Rama Shinta" for couple

Omah "SEMAR" for 20 people

omah "NAKULA-SADEWA" for 20 people or for Aula

Chest, anyone?

Sing a song or just for gathering

Mt. Bromo, about 3 hours drive from Dordia

Waterfall, 15 min drive from Dordia

Flying the kite .. up .. up .. up .. gone .. :D

Walk @ Paddy-field around Dordia

Bathroom @ omah "Gatotkaca/Srikandi/Arjuno"

omah "ARJUNO"
for 5-8 people

omah "BIMA", dining room

Exercise in the morning..

omah "GATOTKACA" for 8 people

omah "YUDSTHIRA" for 5 people

Night activities .. Corn BBQ

Learn about the natures .. plants, animals ..

Beds arrangement

Family gathering ..


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