Thursday, February 19, 2009

Just out for a walk

Wednesday, 18 Feb 2009
Faith called us that they have one young korean guest, Hayong, who is staying with them. They wanted to bring him for a night walk, and since both of us were free, so................ let's go!!
We brought him to Esplanade, Merlion Park and Cavenagh Bridge. Then we went to Bukit Timah for supper. We orderd Sate (mutton, chicken, beef), tissue prata, pataya, dan murtabak mutton. The drinks were: ice soursop (a bit sour but very refreshing), ice olive, redbean milk shake .. all very nice to try!
Believe it or not, this Indian eating place is just at the small lane, but the waitress using wireless HP 212 to take your orders. And when you want to pay, they just keyed-in yr table number and the bill will be printed out. Is really amazing for consider not even a restaurant and without aircond place.

These pictures all were taken using pocket camera, so please bear with the quality........

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