Sunday, February 01, 2009

Chinese New Year Holidays.... 24-27 Jan 2009

Long wiken in Singapore for the celebration of Chinese New Year Celebration.

Saturday, 24 Jan 2009
With Jimmy & Joanie, we went to Sentosa to see the Flower Show.. but somehow, this year the exhibition not as good as the years before... Many of the flowers were still in its buds, not yet blooming and also the variety not that much. Maybe because they cut the budget due to the recent economy condition. (For example: compare from the pictures here, the bigger picture is 2009 and the smaller one was taken 2008). Just managed to snatched some pictures..
From there, we went to Pasir Panjang Hawker Centre for dinner, and then to Chinatown to joint the crowds and feel the atmosphere of Chinese New Year......

Sunday, 25 Jan 2009
We went to Duncanc/Faith's house for reunion dinner with Faith's brother/sisters. Thanks for the invitation..... the food is very delicious......... All prepared by them.

Monday, 26 Jan 2009
In the morning we went to HortPark for photo session.......... I meant for Bagio to practice his skill in photography.
We went to Seah Imm for lunch and shocked when we saw the queue of those who wanted to go to Sentosa by bus.......... wow........ !!!! I believed that they have to queue more than 2 hours just to hop into the bus... This happened last year too. Maybe because many of those foreign workers were on holiday and they took the opportunity to relax and gathering at Sentosa by paying $3.00 for whole day........!
Dinner together @ Robert/Grace's house.

Tuesday, 27 Jan 2009
Since we have no other program (actually we wanted to go to Zoo by using the voucher that I collected by exchanged credit card points, but the T&C said that the voucher can not be used during CNY's periods..), soooooooo we changed the direction and went to Sentosa (again!) for another photo session and relax by the beach...............
All the photo can be enjoyed here........

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