Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Marina Barrage

Sunday, 30 Nov 2008
In the evening we went to Marina Barrage, Singapore's latest downtown icon since 1 November 2008. [Barrage means: An artificial obstruction, such as a dam or irrigation channel, built in a watercourse to increase its depth or to divert its flow. Taken from http://www.thefreedictionary.com/barrage].

The place is quite nice for family outing and recreation. Young kids will like to play with the water (so.. just remember to bring their extra clothings). The field also good for flying the kites. Also bring your own foods and drinks, because at the moment that place was not ready for all, when we went there, we only saw one provision shop and around 6.30pm already closed. Even the pathways from car parks to the main building also not yet properly done.

You can take a bumboat ride, 20 minutes for S$5.00... just go around the barrage.. The bumboat is new

This place will also good and nice to take pictures, with the Singapore Flyer as the background. That evening, 2 wedding photo shots were taken at this place.

Location/Address: 260 Marina Way, Singapore 018976
Free shuttle bus service from Marina Bay MRT Station to Marina Barrage.
Pick up Point from MRT Station: Near Handicap Pick-up point (Go straight, turn right).
Pick-up Point from Marina Barrage: Entrance Carpark (Near the Art Pump).