Sunday, December 14, 2008

Kukup, Johor, Malaysia

Saturday, 13 Dec 2008

We went to Kukup, Johor, Malaysia for a very short holiday, with Duncan's family, Patrict & Grace, Jack and Jophelia.
I said very short because only 2 days 1 night trip. Departed from Kranji MRT at 09.00 by van, and reached Kukup around 11.00

Straight went for lunch and then went to the lodging place.. (the house of local peoples). The 'chalet' is very simple but clean. The rooms with equipped airconditioning, and 1 room for 6-8 people with bunker-beds. So, is not adviceable for honeymooners.... :)
After rest for 2 hours, we took the boat and went to visit the Pulau Kukup, Johor National Park. The rain wss on and off, but we still quite enjoyed this trip.

Kukup is a fisherman village and surrounded by mudflats. During our visit, every noon time, the water from the sea will flood certain part of the village. Is fun for those who never experience flood before...

The seafood are fresh... the price is reasonable.

Try the Otak2 (Fish Cake) from Muar and 'Cai Yen' (pudding with the filling). Nice to bring back for the love ones at home...

Nothing much to do in the evening except for relax and blending with those who are going with you. Most of the chalet will provide karaoke, DVD/VCD movie, board games, mahjong game... for you to kill the night. For me... ? I just went to sleep early.

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