Friday, May 10, 2013

Part 8: Holiday to South Island of New Zealand (28 Nov-13 Dec 2012) -13 December 2012

13 December 2012: Christchurch - Sydney - Singapore

Today was the last day of our trip ............Sad yet happy. Too many sweet memories with beautiful sceneries on our mind and pictures..
Our flight to Singapore was afternoon. So after we returned the car that we rent, we still have 3 hours before heading for airport.
We decided to go to Botanic Garden again, but enter from the other entrance as I haven't taken one of the landmark of Christchurch Botanic Garden, i.e. The peacock fountain.

Beautiful flower bed

Peacock Fountain

We arrived at Chirstchurch International airport at 12PM. We had lunch at the airport. After taking picture and pray together, we went in to the Departure Lounge for last minute shopping .. We found NZ-T-shirt, magnets and some souveniers to bring back to Singapore ...............
Group picture @ the airport

Pray to thank God for all and ask His Leading for the future..



Till I see you again, snow-capped moutains...

Sydney-Singapore with A-380

A-380 brought us back from Sydney to Singapore


We arrived safely @ Singapore Changi airport about 22.00.
Thank God and our Lord Jesus Christ for all His leadings and blessing, we all could  enjoy this trip very much and have a good blending ..

Our sincere thanks to:
* Bro. Hong/Sis. Lily/Esther/Edmund for all the hospitality, arrangement and companions during our stayed .
* Bro Danai&Jess/Quenny/Helen/Sarah Ting for your hospitality and brought us for a walk despise your busy schedules...
* Bro. Wu and family that allow us to visit your farm and purposely went to Kaikoura to get  alive and fresh and yummy abalone  for us..
* Bro Yew and family, Bro John from Farmer Corners, and all the saints from the church in Christchurch..
Hope to see you all in the near future for more blending ..

NZ ................. we will go to visit you again ....... *now time to work and save money for the next trip .. *

After this wonderful trip, there are few things to consider if we travel again to NZ:
1. If travel duirng summer time (December-February):
    a. the most expensive time for travelling to NZ, as many locals also on holiday, espesially for the month of December.
    b. the weather most of the time just nice for us from tropic countries (Asian).
    c. the humidity very low, will not sweat, needs a lots of water and also lotion for our body.
    d. the UV super-duper high.. make sure bring sunglasses.
    e. day time is longer. The sun rise about 5AM and set about 10PM. Longer time for sightseeing.
    f. wear 2 layers cloths are better than 1 but thick .. The weather change very fast within 1 day.
2. When rent a car for drive on your own, familiar with the traffic regulations. Signal is a must, at least blinking for 3 seconds.
3. Give ample time when travelling from 1 place to another place.. too many good spots for us to stop and take pictures.
4. If possible, prepare your own meals (specially for  breakfast and dinner), will save you a lots of money. Many motels/inns are self-contained, either minimalis or complete ones. Our experience: take away foods are cheaper than dine in..

5. wat else??? Will add on when remember .................


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