Thursday, March 26, 2009

Visitors during February-March 2009

February - March 2009
We had many visitors from overseas..... so glad to have so many friends come to visit us.

Ru Siu and her mum from Surabaya.
Ru Siu is my close friend since secondary school. We brought them to Esplanade Park, Civic District Area, and No Signboard Seafood @ East Coast.

Lan Jie from Brunei came to Singapore to apply her Canada visa. She stayed with us for 2 nights..

Haryani and his brother came to Singapore for medical check up and stayed with us. Haryani is our U's friend from Madiun.
We went Batam to visit some friends there and met with Gendut/Ida our class friends during our University days...
Guntur and his family, came to Singapore for holiday. We met at Vivo City for dinner with May Leong.

Some friends are coming this April 2009..... Looking forward to meet up with them.


nie said...

wah sibuk dengan tamu dari segala penjuru ya... :)

Anonymous said...

Kapan giliran kamu nih...?