Thursday, January 01, 2009

Good Bye 2008... and Welcome 2009

I just feel that you will leave me soon
You will leave me and never come back again.
You will disappear from my life forever.

No matter how I beg you to stay,
No matter how I ask you not to leave me,
No matter how I plead you to be with me always,
Yet you will still go and leave me here alone.

You said that it is impossible for us to be together,
Nothing can bring us together again,
I have no way to bring you back to me,
And you also have no way to come back to me,
We will never been together again after this.

Since this is what you want,
Since this is your decision,
Since this is our fate,
I have accept and face it,
And I only can bid goodbye,
and tell you, “So Long....., 2008!”.

Happy New Year 2009........

1 comment:

nie said...

happy new year :) GBU always!